Intel: The Future More Personal Technology

Posted on September 20, 2010


SAN FRANCISCO – The future of computing lies in the quality of user experience is driven by the context (situation), according to Justin Rattner, Intel’s vice president, director of Intel Labs and Intel Chief Technology Officer.

Rattner described how the introduction of the context will fundamentally change how our relationship and interaction with the device information and services provided by these devices.

Now, computers in general has had a strong data processing capability, ease of connectivity and sensors are increasingly innovative. This led researchers to Intel’s focus in an effort to bring the experience of the introduction of context (“context-aware”) that are new to the user.

Through a combination of hardware and software sensors, computing “who know the context” will open new opportunities for developers to create new generations of products from the Intel platform.

Rattner said that if one knows the context of computing is fundamentally different types of sensor-based applications that have been frequently used as we meet today.

“GPS coordinates and compass direction I did not tell me about my smart phone,” said Rattner.

“Imagine if a device capable of utilizing a series of sensors to find out what you are doing at the time. The devices will accompany you all the time sleeping in the bed or when you’re jogging with friends, “he added.

To give an example, Rattner was accompanied by Tim Jarrel, vice president and publisher of Fodor’s Travel. Jarrel show Fodor experiment, namely the Personal Vacation Assistant who works on portable Internet devices that are designed together with Intel.

PVA uses this device context varied sources such as personal travel preferences, previous activity, current location, and calendar information to be able to present recommendations in real-time trip to the tourists.

When requested, the device is even capable of PVA make you a travel blog that contains pictures and videos on places to be visited during the trip.