Parents Advice And The Abundant Income.

Posted on September 20, 2010


Would you ever be kids? definitely yes? If you really ever be sure your kids have heard the advice of your parents? Unless your children are rebellious. So the usual advice we hear when we are still so the children are when we play the game.

My parents said this “not too much later you can play the game stupid”
Where there are people playing games can be so stupid? Itukan games can sharpen the brain so that the logic or pattern we think we can grow. Unless you are stupid and play up to 24 hours a day. I could have you on the same beat your mother. hehehe. My personal experience, often beaten for playing too many games.

But in the U.S. city that never sleeps, the father of Obama’s hometown. In fact invent the race and playing games. Actually not perlombaannya which make interesting.Near my house alone often held compatriot race game.

What makes it interesting is the race itself was inaugurated by Mr. Obama’s U.S. presidential own father. Wow how unattractive? The contest theme and the National Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM National). This contest was merely to sharpen the brains of young children in playing games or there could even make the game itself.

Obama’s own father said “I am proud to have supported the development of STEM for children of the nation in the world of knowledge, IT and mathematics. Surely it could make America more forward again.” Obama said his own father.

The competition was divided into two categories, and the prize was different. He said the prize reaches $ 100. That’s great. It turns out the advice that we hear when we were kids it’s wrong. In fact it can play games to earn a living is also proved.

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