GodDay Moccachino, devoted friend in the update blog!

Posted on September 21, 2010


Today I defecate up to five times a day. I also do not know why? There’s a lot of possibilities! Because last night I was eating my own food that did not know what kind of food? I also drink lots of beverages that are not clear.

But there’s only one that can be suspect in my case I was. I should be suspicious of him. Because I have a strong alibi to prove if he is guilty. Suspect is COFFEE. And there’s only one kind of coffee that I consume every day, namely, GodDay Moccachino!

Maybe because I consume this coffee in significant amounts. So that my digestion was not able to render the resulting efficacy of caffeine from coffee. But I’m also not so sure if this coffee have caffeine? because I’m lazy to read the ingredients contained in the coffee. But if the coffee was not there, maybe there’s nothing my blog updated.

This paper is not to besmirch the name GodDay Moccachino coffee. But I write just to update my blog, write a complaint with me every day.
The important thing GodDay Coffee Is The Best!

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